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An alternative choice over cigarettes

POSH is here and better than ever! It’s casual chic metallic design holds style, funk, and class anywhere you go. Our 9 fun disposables hold 0.6 nicotine. Since Posh has been launched in the market it has become one of the most top selling disposable vapors in US.

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2 ml

Featured Products

Cream Brulee

The cream vanilla and caramel lovers can now enjoy three or more of their favorite flavors in a single vape device.

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The pulpy and juicy mangoes taste great even if they come as Frozen Mango.

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Frosted Apple

The fully ripe apples are used to prepare this vape, a tinge of menthol is added to give the vape a super cooling effect.

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Minty Melon

The tinge of mint is added to the flavor just to enhance and multiply the coolness of watermelon.

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Frozen Strawberry

The mint is mild and works well with a foundation that is closer to a fruit than a candy.

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Mint Berry

Minty Berry gives a blissful feeling of freshness with the flavor of fresh blueberries captivating your senses.

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Pina Colada

Such a blissful feeling that is just matchless with any other flavor.

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Mint Ice

The feeling of light icy menthol just feels out of the world experience.

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2 ml Juice Capacity

Filled with just the right amount of flavor! A single posh stick gives you approximately 500 puffs which is more than a entire pack of cigarettes.

6% nicotine

Concentrated nicotine salts are used in Posh disposable vapes to give users the same satisfaction they used to get from cigarettes.

Ready To Use

POSH is fully charged right out of the box with 480mAh battery, simply draw to get the flavor flowing. No maintenance required.


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